Online Payment Management Solutions

Online payments can benefit your business by extending your customer base, increase cash flow, improve collection time, better customer service and improving your competitive advantage. However with the ever increasing risk from the threat of online theft, protecting card details is our primary concern. EpayAsia solution is to provide data security, fraud prevention and convenience to your customers.

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Feature List

For Merchant who already have an ecommerce application and online banking account, EpayAsia can provide a comprehensive solution to managing your payment collection.

Integration HTTPS
Payment Manager Web Control Panel to manage all transactions
Payment Type Supported VISA and MasterCard
Currency Supported MYR, SGD, USD
Transaction Mode Real-Time
Support Phone, E-Mail Support
Fraud Prevention
  • Authorise/Capture transaction
  • Black List Check
  • High Risk Email Address
  • Purchase During Off Hours
  • High Frequency of Purchase
  • Shipping/Billing Address Mismatch
  • High Shipping Cost
  • High Risk Order Location
  • High Threshold Ticket Amount
  • Multiple Attempt Indication

Fraud & Chargeback

Internet transactions can be prone to fraud. Learn how we can help protect you.


Risk Assessment

Understanding how to access your business risk online and learn to protect yourself.


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Five reasons why Online Payments improve customer service
  1. Choice – like your competitors, you can offer a wide range of payment options
  2. Convenience – they remove the need for invoices, cheques, cash.
  3. Credit – they may allow purchases that would otherwise be delayed
  4. Concessions – small discounts to encourage online purchases improve the perception of value
  5. Competitive Edge - if you don’t offer the full range of payment options but your competitors do, what does this say about your business?
Five reasons why Online Payments increase profitability
  1. Convenience – removing administrative resources required by invoices, cheques and cash
  2. Immediacy – credit cards enable instant purchasing (without delay)
  3. Improved cash flow – payment at the time of purchase reduces the pressures caused by 30-day invoicing
  4. Growth – open additional payment channels via the phone, mail order and Internet and increase your customer base. More customers mean more revenue.
  5. Competitive advantage – match and beat the services of your competitors and gain the edge