Growing Your Business on the Internet

Once you have established your online business, the next step would be to grow your online business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best and cost affective way to rank on the search engines. Most people who understand SEO will, over time, gain top position on search engines and remain there usually longer than those who do not use SEO tactics. Most people heard of Google advertising and how to use the strategy.

Few realize that there are easier and less expensive strategies to use to get to first page on the search engines.

Obviously if you have infinite amount of money it is easy to get top position. Nevertheless, if you want to remain in that position and not have to pay the top dollars, then learning SEO would be a great advantage and cost you practically nothing do implement.

Start by registering your name with one of the host domain companies. The rational is that when people are looking to join your business they are looking for someone they can trust as a leader.

Therefore, before someone joins your business the clients will often Google your name. When the client sees all these articles, videos, press releases etc, by you, the client will perceive you as an expert and someone they can follow.

In addition, it is easier to rack higher with your own name or a version of your own name. In addition, it is easier to control the negative stuff that will be written about you, as you become well known. This form of criticism is very common in the online world.

Also, use your name in the title tags and Meta description of your website. Use relevant keywords in the title tags and the Meta description for other pages as well.

Moreover, put anchor texts that link back to your main website as well. One good idea is to reference your website or name in the content of your articles, video, press releases etc with back links to your main website or related content pages.

Another great SEO strategy, is use social markings for your website and blog. Having a blog and using the same strategies just mention, only adds credibility to your name and your website. Finally, always lead with great content people are searching for answers and if you have them they will follow.