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EpayAsia, established in 2005, provides turnkey online technology solutions to businesses in the region. As more companies realise the need for timely transactions to remain profitable in a competitive environment, we will be there to assist them in the technology transition. EpayAsia holistic solutions consist of business to business to consumer technologies which encompass  ordering, payment, fulfillment, customers service and many more.

For Enterprises: With EpayAsia products, you will be able to provide round the clock business to business transactions for your customers. Maximising profits while minimizing work.

For Small Business Owner: EpayAsia product enable you to jump start your business on the internet. With our help you can achieve local business with a Global presence.

Comprehensive Online Solution Provider

EpayAsia has delivered proven, cost-effective software products for management of business, from business to business to consumer, online payment techologies and now the online marketing. Market-leading companies from banks, manufacturer and travel come to EpayAsia to build and operate their production infrastructures. As a leader in holistic online solution technologies, we are uniquely positioned to deliver successful ecommerce products to customers

EpayAsia takes an evolutionary (not revolutionary) approach to technology implementations, working with customers to determine the best way to help maximise thier profit with minimal effort. We help you focus on your business growth and less on managing your daily work.

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Why EpayAsia?

Reputation You Can Trust

We are one of the leading e-commerce service provider and are experienced at handling millions of transactions securely and reliably.

Business Partnerships

We are dedicated to providing products and value-adding services and tools that help merchants minimize risk, reduce costs and increase revenue.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive coverage for most businesses. From trading, travel to events, we have it all.

Years of Experience

Our Team has over 10 years of experience from government, banking and manufacturing industries.